About the company (through the eyes of an observer)


Topmleko was created by two enthusiasts. Country-born, they know exactly what farm work is. They obtained a thorough education in agriculture and then in business. They created a company with a mission and passion – an unusual company open to extraordinary ideas.

Andrzej Kuc – a futurist blessed with imagination, able to accurately assess which trends on the milk market will turn out to be hits and bring dairy farmers the greatest profits. An excellent commercial negotiator – it’s thanks to him that the Topmleko’s great products are available at such good prices.

Zdzisław Gołaszewski – knows everything about cows, fodder, feeding and keeping cattle healthy. He spends half his life with farmers. He knows every second cow in Podlasie personally, and the rest by reputation. The top quality of the products offered by Topmleko is down to him. Topmleko products are modern, but at the same time tried and tested, of the highest quality but reasonably priced, simple to use yet amazingly effective.

Topmleko is a company open to innovation. In fact, strenuously seeking innovation. But, thanks to its owners, blessed with down-to-earth common sense, it can tell the difference between innovations handy for farmers and the purely academic notions of unhinged scientists. So it is a business run in a slightly mad way, but there is method to this particular madness. In marketing matters this is in no small way due to long-term collaborator and friend of the company, the undersigned Roman Poznański.