Topmleko’s gebeorg

on another meeting

This year’s encounter of the Company’s Friends was organised under the “Topmleko’s gebeorg” flag.

The old word “gebeorg” has double meaning, as firstly it relates to our history, and secondly it means care and thoughtfulness, with which Topmleko treats its customers – farmers, and its special clients – dairy cows.

Thus gebeorgs, healdans, and hierdes met amongst the beautiful Mazurian countryside, nearby Pisz burg, on the shore of the charming Brzozolasek lake.

Yonder, the guests were admitted to a deep knowledge on wise and prudent farm management, proper care over dairy cows, our breadwinners, and ways of providing generous gain.

In order to better remember the wisdom, our noble guests were presented with the newest Topmleko incunabulum, describing in a straightforward manner everything that Topmleko can offer to the world.

At the end the students repeated all they have learned, in order to confirm the wisdom they have gained. All of them passed the test with positive results, so everybody could move to feasting, frolic, and contest.

The important and significant point of the meeting was the election of the most handsome dame or lady dressed in a silver gown made of SILL VER Silo Strong foil. The High Board of Ladies’ Beauty had a very difficult time in making up this decision, as all ladies were extremely lovely and worthy. In the end all of these handsome and fine beauties received crowns they deserved.

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Topmleko’s Mystery Guest

In Kurpie and Warmia

Topmleko’s Mystery Guest visited the world-famous Pupkowizna in Łyse commune, as well as the vicinity of Olsztyn. The guest visited several friendly farms, and with his expert eye inspected maize cultivation.

Topmleko’s Mystery Guest especially praised Dublino corn, that was exceptionally

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Mrozów Maize Day

DUBLINO success

During the Mrozów Maize Day 115 varieties were presented (50 for the silage and 65 for grain, 11 seed companies were present).

Our DUBLINO maize attracted much interest – what was obvious watching the pictures. Impressive height – of two men – and large kernels guarantee large quantities of excellent fodder.

The host of the meeting was Stud Farm in Dobrzyniewo, that is also farming cattle – the farm houses 2100 cows, including 959 dairy cows.

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30th jubilee edition of Livestock, Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Exhibition in Sitno

... with our participation...

Lublin Agriculture Advisory Centre had the privilege of organizing the 30th edition of livestock exhibition in Sitno. The exhibition covered shows and cattle assessment, as well as presentations of companies supporting breeders. Topmleko’s stand attracted many visitors, clients, and partners, interested in the current offer of our company.

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Topmleko on the Green Agro Show

This time in Ułęż

The Green Agro Show covers essentially everything that a dairy cattle breeder may need as far as milk production is related, starting from fodder, cattle care products, cleaning agents, through seeds, foil, silage machines, and other farm equipment, to buildings and their furnishing. Topmleko had to be present in such a company.

Specific feature of the Green Agro Show is the fact, that each year the exhibition is organized in a different location. This year’s edition was held on June 4-5 in Ułęż in Lublin voivodeship.

This thing aroused the strongest emotions (stop diarrhea)

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Cowboys From Topmleko Visiting

a New Cowshed’s Opening

On March 31st 2016 Topmleko representatives has a pleasure of taking part in an unusual event – opening of a modern barn housing 220 cows.

The hosts of the event were cowshed’s owners, Aurelia and Andrzej Pszczółkowski, and the venue took place in Strzelnia nearby Grudusk in Mazovia region.

This free-stall barn is able to house 160 dairy cows plus 60 dry cows and heifers. Erection of the barn took only 5 months. Concrete walls made of prefabricated panels are supported by steel construction.

The roof, made of panels, has a large skylight. The barn’s dimensions are truly impressive: 69 m length, 33 m width and 10.5 m height.

A 2.5 m deep manure tank is located under the slab floorMilking is done by two DeLaval milking robots. Cleaning of the grates and fodder feeding are also automatized..

Aurelia, Andrzej, best luck in business!

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Topmleko Flying High During

an Annual Meeting

This year friends of Topmleko met at Anders hotel in Stare Jabłonki. This time under the auspices of new idea: “Topmleko Flying High” – no need to add that high fly it was indeed.

Among multiple games and competitions the most important was constructing of flying machines (mainly made of SILL VER Silo Strong foil) and then flying these aerial vehicles.

All teams achieved impressive results. Flights were high and far, enriching the Ufology literature with several new unidentified flying objects on the Mazury sky.
The northern Mount Everest slope is nothing compares to our climb, equally complicated as climbing a personally built tower made of macro- and microelements.

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Almost equally high one had to climb the climbing wall, in order to win excellent ANTILAX preparations against diarrhoea and ensiling products of bi O.K. SILL and Doc Starter.

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In a word, we all have ascended unbelievable heights!

limbing high is not all – equally important is keeping your balance. And in order to do so our contestants were using preparations for washing the milk yield machines – RED and BLUE.


Especially for fans of strong emotions the famous bi O.K. SILL corral shooting was recreated. The Aerobic brothers spoiling the ensilage were beaten strong! Wyatt Lactobacillus, Doc Starter and our friends have taught them a lesson!

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Equally good accuracy was necessary while shooting a muzzle gun with Top SPEED preparations. Speed was also essential, as time was also measured in this competition.

And due to the fact, that we can hook-up everyone, no one had trouble in catching a Top MINT strong bottle (0.5 or 1 litre) with a hook.

Running competition of entire teams wrapped in Top WRAP foil were extremely useful in bringing the contestants together. One may even risk saying that their relations were really tightened.

Fishermen were fishing with a Top NET – a net for bales. Due to swampy shores some losses were also noted: trainers size 43, left foot NIKE trainer size 41, and one male contestant size XL.

A lot of positive emotions aroused around "STOP diarrhea" competition, using ANTILAX preparations and bungee cord. This competition was successful for (almost) all participants.

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Parting the next day was warm and cordial, however some participants were already somewhat concerned about hardships that they might possibly endure next year.

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Topmleko’s Friends Encounter

Unusual and Unexpected Guest at Annual Topmleko ‘s Gathering

Late summer, as usual, Topmleko held a meeting with its friends, to celebrate another year of productive cooperation and to start another, seventh year of company’s business afresh. This time we have gathered in Zalesie near Barczewo, on the last weekend of August.

Traditionally, each year we tell jokes about one character, widely known from cinema and TV. This time however we were really surprised – an unexpected Guest has arrived:

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He came out of nowhere. First, he wanted to know who had the biggest laugh at him in the previous years. To his surprise it turned out that everyone suffered a chronic lack of sense of humour – all participants were dead serious.

Finally our Guest decided that the jokes were funny and begun handing out gifts and posing for photos and selfies. Long johns, real cowboy clothing straight from the Wild West, were the biggest sensation of the meeting.
inally our Guest decided that the jokes were funny and begun handing out gifts and posing for photos and selfies. Long johns, real cowboy clothing straight from the Wild West, were the biggest sensation of the meeting.

Our Guest was accompanied by a beautiful assistant and interpreter of the Apache Indians – she has learned Polish language from her grandfather, a famous trapper born in Pupkowizna, and called by the Indians “Grand Pile”.


In the evening, enjoying music, it turned out that our Guest is a man of multiple talents: he can slam a revolving door, pull the hair of a bald one, log in to facebook without Internet, play spillikins with overdone pasta, gaze at the mathematic equation in a way that an X reveals itself in panic, cook a tomato soup using only mushrooms, copy all the Internet onto a floppy disc, calculate the speed of any vehicle knowing only its colour, change photographic film in a digital camera and win Mount Everest – in a lottery! He can also dance.

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Jubilee of CSM Ciechanów

85 years of Ciechanów Dairy Cooperative (CSM)

Ciechanów Dairy Cooperative has survived to see a beautiful anniversary – 85 years of solid and reliable work for farmers and for ordinary cheese lovers and consumers of milk. A simple calculation shows the dairy to have been around since 1929. Our congratulations on a beautiful anniversary – may there be many more!

The cooperative’s members met on Friday 23rd to celebrate this jubilee and thank one another and the dairy’s partners. And we were there, drinking yogurt and milk... And in recognition of our many years of cooperation we received a commemorative statuette from the Chairman Wiesław Żebrowski – a symbolic drop of milk.

Our present for the was an oil painting of the Castle of the Dukes of Mazovia in Ciechanów, the same one shown on the CSM logo. We presented the painting by Andrzej Masianis, a well-known artist from Toruń, to the Chairman Wiesław Żebrowski.

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